Todays Tips By Mary

 Good Morning, so glad you stopped by.

Todays Tip:

Take leftover Egg whites for To make beautiful meringues,  a custard, or maybe a soufflés.

Leftover bread is great for bread crumbs, toast and  place broken bread pieces in a food processer and pulse until you have bread crumb. Now you can add seasoning. I like to add salt , pepper, Italian seasoning. place in food zip lock bag. and place in freezer. Ready when you are to use.

You can also use those old slices of bread for French toast, or buttery cinnamon toast,really good with a bacon and egg breakfast. Never thrown away  stale bread if you haven’t time to prepare it . zip lock and put in freezer.  use for soft crumbs in meatloaf, salmon,and also  fried tuna patties.

Speaking of fish, take any leftover fish and crumble, add bread crumbs, egg, salt, pepper, whatever you like and make in to patties. so good. This day and time is trying to remake your leftovers and save money on food and still have yummy food. Am I right or what. Stop by later for more tips, and yummy recipes.


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