Todays Tips by Mary

Good Morning,

Got leftover potatoes, wait don’t throw them out!! Use as a thickener for stews,or maybe a chowder.

Used mashed potatoes in potato cakes, they are my husbands favorite.  You can also use the potatoes as a crust and add  your leftover roast or whatever leftover meat you might have, add some good gravy on top, heat in 350 oven until hot. Easy Breezy Supper. Now tell me is that  not what we want after along hard day at work. Add a salad to that, maybe some toasted buttered bread or maybe some (heat and eat rolls.)

I have used mashed potatoes in making salmon croquettes,  it works as a binder as does the egg to hold everything together and ever so yummy. Mashed potatoes,  just boiled  or even baked potatoes; add some yummy cheese sauce and bake in 350 oven just until hot and begins to brown slightly. Excellent side dish for almost any meal. Have a great day everyone. Remember to smile. If there are any suggestions any of you have a bout what kind of tips you might like. just leave a comment and give me your feedback.  See you soon☺


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