Mary’s Tips for Thursday

Use allspice is made up of 4 other spices, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Pares well with soups and stews, pies, jams, cakes, cookies, and even in relishes. I sure you can think of even more it is a must have in my pantry☺

Rosemary is one of my favored, I use it with chicken, turkey, I like it in Italian dishes, It grows in France and Spain. It has kind of a sweet and fresh taste, good used in soups, stews, and lamb☺

Marjoram is in the mint family. grows in Chili, and France. I love it in can green beans , not a fan of canned ,but if you use can and I do sometimes. To two 15 oz. cans I add 3/4 spoon. it will make green beans and am not kidding ,taste like fresh. It is some good stuff.♥


One thought on “Mary’s Tips for Thursday

  1. Kim it really works. I was making some one evening when my sister in law came by. I let her taste and she ask me where I got fresh green I used the Italian kind ,they are my favorite


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