Happy Thanksgiving

IMG_2057  Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. It is a time for family to come together and share a traditional meal.

      Mothers and Grandmothers will be preparing  all the traditional and non traditional meals. All the turkey and dressing and pumpkin pies aroma feels the air with all the goodness and love that comes pouring out of the kitchen. I remember as a kid  all the family was looking so forward to going to grandmothers house, you knew that there would be that famous chocolate pie waiting just for you, not to mention the deviled eggs, dressing ,that was my job to test it before it went into the oven to bake. My fondest memories were walking around with my grandmother watching and asking questions as she prepared dinner. Love the holidays fro that very reason. Some of us don’t have our mothers, and grandmothers around here anymore, but this is the time I carry on their tradition and remember  all the sweet memories. I feel like they are right there beside me feeling proud.  Please share a meal with your family and embrace every sweet moment, life is so short. If you and your family are at odds. forget  all that ,time to make amends both sides forgive and forget, When one is gone, the other will be wishing you had the time to go back, but we can’t rewind. Embrace your family. Remember someone that don’t have a family take them a plate of food or invite them to eat with you. remember the homeless they to need meals. When you are sitting around the table with your family give thanks for each one.  When you all gather around the table  this Thanksgiving share one memory or one thing you are thankful for. just my thoughts for the day. Love life , love family, love food. Thank God for it all.   Happy Thanksgiving  Follow me at  http;//mwilliams6337.@wordpress.com.  for more yummy recipes and tips.



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