Old Fashion Fudge


 This is  one of my mom’s old recipes that she used many years.

We could always look forward to Mom’s homemade candy. One of the things I  remember most was helping her crack all the walnuts and pecans for all the great candies that would be made. My brother and I would argue over who got the pan.Mom always made sure we shared. Good days Good memories. So on to the recipe


2 cups sugar

3 tbsp. cocoa

2/3 cups milk (Whole milk works best)

1 stick  butter or margarine

1 cups nuts chopped

mix sugar and cocoa together an milk and margarine, 

Bring to a rolling boil ( one that  will keep boiling while you stir.) 

Cook to soft ball stage which is 225 on thermometer

Take off heat let cool about 5 minutes or so add vanilla and beat until candy starts to lose it’s glossy color. add nuts and pour into buttered 8 inch square pan let cool before cutting

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