Grandma’s Southern Boiled Custard


I never was at my grandma’s house for Christmas that we didn’t have her delicious boiled custard. There

was always a Southern Jam Cake and a Coconut Cake. Boil custard was served with your choice of cake. Some of us had to have a small piece of both.  I know those were the greatest days of my life. There are so many memories of those days gone by, but forever in my heart.


 2  whole eggs and 4 eggs yolks.

1/2 cup sugar

1/1/2 cup whole milk ( scalded)

2 tsp.. pure vanilla

Add eggs to a sauce pan and with a whisk beat eggs well. add sugar and beat.

Add milk to a smaller sauce pan and when you see bubbles around  a round the sides of pan take off.

 Add 1 table spoon of the milk to eggs mixture and while mixing add a little more milk while stirring,  add milk and stir well ( don’t want to scramble those eggs.)   boil a few inches of water about 3 to 4 inches in a larger pan or use double boiler.

Stir  often ( only takes about 10 to 15  min. to cook) when  you raise the spoon and the spoon is coated and stays on. take off and pour in cold bowl and add vanilla and stir well.  Set in refrigerator until cold and ready to serve. This will make enough for 3 to 4 serving. Double for a quart.  This is also good for a base for ice cream.  I like to add  whip cream and freeze so good, you would not believe. Follow me at twitter @mwilliams6337  also at http://mwilliams6337@wordpress/recipes


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