Mincemeat Brownies

Looks so amazing

Homemade With Mess

As you will have seen from a previous post, this year I have made my own mincemeat and so I’ve had to think of multiple ways to use it; because let’s face it I would be devastated if I ever became sick of the sight of mince pies!! I have a faithful brownie recipe and therefore thought it would be worth trying out with the addition on some mincemeat, and by gum it works!! I took this into to work and it disappeared within hours, despite the one comment about it being an odd combination (but this came from a colleague who witnessed me eating tuna and caper patties for breakfast so she’s forgiven for thinking I’m a little strange with my food habits). Luckily I have one last jar of mincemeat left so I might just have to make these again before Christmas, as they truly are epic!


  • 200g…

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