Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas


Who says cooking has to be hard. Simple easy side dishes are a great thing.You are busy all day whether it is taking care of the children,working outside the home or whatever you job is dinner time comes around you don’t want to come home and spend all night in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. That is what my blog is all about simply and totally easy. Who doesn’t like delicious food without a lot of time. You can have fresh vegetables without a lot prep time or cook time. I do love fresh. So much better for you .it is a win 2 thumbs.  up from the hubby. Now that is a great thing as I have a very picky hubby God bless him. In the older days I remember they thought you had to cook all day. But now so many more options and really you can prepare a great meal of most anything ( I did say most). Ha  in a hour some meats require more time and then the crock pot was born and that can be a great thing if your working and have a family to feed when you get home. Start before work and ready when you get home. Add a simple side dish or two and there you have it great meal and you have more time with the family. I got lots of simple and easy go to recipes with little time and fuss. So stay tuned to Mary’Country Kitchen. For more of what’ cooking.

Now for recipe.

1. 16 oz bag sugar snap peas in the produce section.

2 tbsp. Butter or olive oil

1/2  chopped onion

1/2 tsp.garlic powder more if you like more

Little salt and pepper.

add all to skillet and cook over med low heat until as tender as you like

they were very good and made a delicious side for my dinner.

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Have a wonder day and come back soon to see what’s for dinner.


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