Not so Chicken Caesar Salad

Looks yummy and healthy

Homemade With Mess

This recipe is a chicken Caesar salad with a difference. I have made a lot of twists to the classic here and since I got a telling off for the lack of authenticity of my Colcannon recipe (from the American that had never been to Ireland!) I am always wary of clarifying my recipes as an ‘official’ recipe. So, this has elements of a Caesar salad but it also has elements of homemade with mess, and that to me is the best combination. Don’t get me wrong, I will often look at and follow recipes if something catches my eye, but most of the time cooking is about seeing what you have in your fridge and chucking it together to make something new and delicious. So this salad is full of lots of lovely salad leaves, goats cheese, avocado, grapes, crispy chicken and is finished off with a homemade basil…

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