Deliciously Cherry Poke Cake


OMG this is soooo good. It is o hard not to eat more than one piece.

I am not kidding it is that good, and so very easy.

1 box cherry cake mix

2 sm. boxes of vanilla instant pudding ( Mix by pkg. instructions)

1 sm. jar maraschino cherries, optional

Lg carton of Cool Whip or topping of choice.

Bake cake according to directions, instead of adding water, pour the juice of cherries in a measuring and finish cup of liquid with water. Can add chopped cherries in the cake or in you topping. when cake is done take out and take the handle of wooden spoon and poke holes all the way across and down about every inch or two add your prepared pudding over cake and spread over cake with a little pressure to get the yummy pudding down in the holes ( don’t  make pudding to far in advance as it need to be a little thin to pour and sink in the holes. Now spread topping over the top and garnish if you like with nuts, cherries or your choice shaved chocolate goes really well with the cherry. Please Like and Share and visit Mary’ s Country Kitchen and see what’s cooking can ever tell what might be in the pot next time Follow me at

Twitter at. via @mwilliams6337

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