Banana & Strawberry Poke Cake


1 box yellow cake mix ( I prefer the classic with out the pudding in the mix.)

2 Lg.. boxes Vanilla instant pudding ( I prefer the French vanilla)

1 Large container  whipped topping

3 bananas

fresh or frozen strawberries

Bake cake according to box directions plus add 1 of the 4 bananas, mash with fork and, add to cake before baking.

, cool & poke holes all the way down and across with  handle of wooden spoon.

While cake is cooling mix the pudding by box directions and add sliced bananas to the pudding. . Make sure the pudding goes down in the poked hole, That is what makes so yummy.  Now add sliced strawberries over top of pudding and top with whipped topping of choice. Sprinkle top with nuts , coconut, or strawberries for garnish. It is super delicious.

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