Feeling Depressed,

Do you ever get up  in the morning and just  feel depressed, like you just don’t feel your normal self.Take this  opportunity to Thank God for another day that he gave you. Now tell yourself it is a wonderful day  three times and with more meaning each time and feel it  deep inside. Don’t  let  depression rule you life. Take charge get you husband or your wife and go for a walk,feel the fresh air on your face. Feel alive. Take a big deep breath 

Now tell yourself This  is the  First  day of the Rest  of you Life. You can take this day and make it count. Maybe you have been wanting to clean out the fridge and just did not feel up to it, or maybe clean your closet all good things and will make you feel better about you and feel better about everything. Winter time is the worst for me. I am the kind of person that feels like I have to accomplish everything in one day. I can get very overwhelmed and don’t nothing like I wanted to get done and sometimes nothing. So I have to talk myself  out of that  and tell myself I can do these things I just have to take one thing at a time and if I get that done, I will then decide what I want to accomplish next. Love life , live life enjoy life. Remember to smile just for no reason. I can look at my little dogs or my cat and smile. This are little lives that depend on me to care for them and I do love them very much, It you have depression sometime get a pet, they love you unconditionally and you will find so much joy . I can just pick up one of mine when I feel bad and it makes my day. Follow me at. http://mwilliams6337@wordpress


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