Tasty Crockpot Ribs with Vegtables


This is another good recipe for 2 to 4 people or for two with leftovers you don’ t have to cook the next day

I love making enough for four I can use it another day or freeze half for later use , but most of time it is lunch the next day either way is a good thing.

you will need

4 ribs with or without bone your prefrence

2 or 3 potatoes quarted

2 or 3 carrots cut in 1to2 in pieces

green and red bell pepper slices ( I  keep the frozen red,green,yellow peppes in my freezer all i

the time. I get my at the Kroger Store in  the frozen food section . They usually have their brand 10 for. 10.00

1.  Lg.. Onion sliced

Garlic salt and pepper as you like

1 package brow gravy mix

NOTE  Country cut ribs  without bone is leaner and less fat ( crockpot works great for these, they will be very tender. I like cooking at a lower setting to maximize the tenderness.

bone in ribs  h

ave more fat and a more tender cut ( work good in crockpot

?  Brown ribs on each side and in same skillet add the onions , peppers,and potatoes in and just stir the veggies to get the yummy off the bottom when the get hot take out and add a few squirts of red apple cider vinegar and stir to get all the good stuff  then add 2 cups water and stir until hot. Add veggies in the bottom and ribs on top then take the skillet with the hot mixture and stir in a package of brown gravy mix and pour over the meat and cook on med until ribs measure 160 on the meat thermometer . I cook more that way thean time although  we know it will take 3 to 4 hours always use thermometer to insure you will be safe. When my begins to tender I turn my down to low so it will cook slower if supper is still a hour or so away




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