Southern White Beans & Cornbread


This is one of my go to meals, wen you have a busy day and just don’t have time to cook.

you have your protein and I always serve cole slaw with mine so now I have a veggie.

Did I mention it is also yummy. we southerners do like our beans.


1 pound great northern white beans

2 tsp roasted garlic, optional (add to sautéed onions)

1 sm. onion sautéed

Salt to taste

jalapeno peppers, optional

Wash and place in saucepan with water about 3 inches over the top Cover.

.Bring to a boil and then turn heat down to med low and just keep a check on them, so they don’t burn ( burnt beans not good,)

When the begin to tender, salt to taste 2 tsp. or as you desire roasted garlic, add the peppers to your beans or just garnish as I did. very tasty, add jalapenos

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