Country Fried Potato Cakes aka Tater Patties


This is a real good way to use leftover mashed potatoes.  Another way is grate your own potatoes, it is best to boil your potatoes until almost done and peel and grate. and mix according to directions. My husband request these often, so when I do mash potatoes I make enough for leftovers. This is another childhood memory

1 1/2 cups mashed or grated potatoes

1  egg beaten

2 tablespoons flour

at this time you can mix it up and add chopped cooked bacon, onion, chopped parsley,  chopped ham, garlic, whatever you think you would like you can fry as you have here is what Our grandmothers did.or you can batter in bread crumbs. Enjoy

Fry in iron skillet or a non stick skillet until brown turn and cook until other side is brown ,drain on paper towels and serve as it is or with sour cream. so very good as a snack or a side dish,  Hope you enjoy and if you have any other ideas share with me . Love to here feedback, Thanks for visiting Mary’s Country Kitchen and please come back soon.

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