The Best Tuna Patties I Ever Made

I love tuna patties. These look so old school in that skillet

Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly




Mix four 5 ounce cans of albacore tuna in water that have been drained, in a large bowl.

Mix a sprinkling of Mrs Dash lemon pepper, and a sprinkling of garlic powder and sea salt to your taste in with the tuna mixture.
IF you can find World Market California Garlic and Sea Salt Seasoning; use that. You’ll have a lot of other uses for that when you get it.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and add one and a half cups of Jiffy Baking Mix and stir till mixed.

(Take a stainless steel half cup ice cream scoop with a lever that dumps the ice cream in your bowl), don’t know how else to describe it, and spray with nonstick spray like Emeril LaGasse.

Portion out 4 tuna patties with the large ice cream scoop, into the hot oil. 4 WILL FIT IN A SYANDARD SIZE SKILLET.

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