Mary’s Story In Love and In Death

oldmillbakery05_1381944431_30 (4) benefit auctionGood morning friends and followers, I have been taking care of my husband the last 2 1/2 years. He was diagnosed in 2013 with stage 4 colon cancer. He took chemo treatments for several months. and was off for a few months, then the cancer begin to spread. My prayer is for all you readers get tested. my husband was sick for several months before he went to the doctor. You don’t get symptoms like the flu or anything like that. The creepy cancer starts to grow and you don’t know until it starts to give you pain  or you start gaining or losing weight for no reason. Cancer is the most scary thing I know, but can have a great outcome if caught early.

August 03, 2015 my husband lost his battle. He lost 60 pounds from January to July. I can tell you that losing your husband is the hardest thing, I know it is for me. He was the love of my life for 52 1/2 years. He was soul mate,  he was my hero. He always took such good care of me, He also made sure that I had little worries when he had to leave me. He was a good man, a loving man. I married him for better or for worse sickness and in health on January 1,1963. We always stood by each other Through thick and thin; As he got weaker,  It got to the point I had to do everything for him and I did not mind at all,be cause that my friend is what true love is all about. I told him everyday  and he told me we loved each other. We never went to sleep angry . We are not  promised tomorrow, so my friends hold your family close and tell them you love them..  Hope to get back to cooking and baking again so watch for my postings and also more of my story coming later. stay tuned in. God bless each of you.