Cabbage & Beef



My Mom use to make this a lot.  When they had farm hands helping during hay and  planting and stripping tobacco , my mom would up at dawn. She would cook for a small army of people everyday that the farm hands worked. This was one her of go to dishes

5 med potatoes peeled and washed

1 med to lg cabbage head, chopped

1 med onion chopped

A hand full of  baby carrots

1 to 2 pounds ground beef.

Put potatoes on to cook, when potatoes and carrots. come to a boil. add chopped cabbage

Brown hamburger and onion add 1/4 tsp. pepper flakes, more if you like. When vegetables get tender add cooked beef and let cook for few more minutes covered. Add a big skillet of  good old cornbread and you got a meal. ☺

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